Share the Snow

Willamette National Forest’s Winter Recreation Areas are used by a range of visitors including snowmobilers, Nordic and Alpine skiers, snowshoers, dog sledders, skijorers, and people just enjoying the winter scenery. 

Practice common courtesy so that all trail users can safely enjoy their winter outing:

  • Share the trail and be courteous.
  • Yield to downhill and faster traffic. Prepare for blind corners.
  • Operate snowmobiles at a safe speed at all times.
  • Do not operate snowmobiles or other over-the-snow vehicles in excess of 5 MPH in or around designated Sno-Parks.
  • When using machines on shared corridors; preserve ski tracks if possible and cross ski trails at right angles.
  • Avoid snowshoeing or walking on ski trails. This ruins the track for other skiers.
  • When stopped, move off the trail.
  • Learn and follow local regulations regarding dogs. Some routes are more suitable for dog sledding and skijoring than others. Consider leaving your dog at home. Dogs ruin the ski track, present hazards to down slope skiers and their waste can ruin somebody else’s winter outing. Plus, your dog may not be used to or capable of winter country travel.Practice principles of canine courtesy in snow country.
    • Note: The Deschutes National Forest, our neighbor to the east, has some special regulations for dogs, including dog sledding and skijoring. Please visit their winter recreation sectionlink goes offsite for details.
  • When skiing on shared corridors, ski single file and keep poles and arms out of the way of passing over-the-snow vehicles.
  • When crossing plowed roads, cross directly at right angles after making certain there is no potential interference to road traffic.
  • It is unlawful to operate over-the-snow vehicles on designated ski trails.