Canine Courtesy in Snow Country


Did you bring your dog along today? If so, please keep these snow-country tips in mind. You owe it to your dog, yourself, and others.

Be alert to prevent:

  • Dog fights
  • Collisions with skiers, sledders, and snowmobilers
  • Aggressive behavior toward other parties

Remember your dog's well-being

  • Deep snow and long days can exhaust a dog that's not used to snow country travel.
  • Dogs, like humans, can become dehydrated. Make sure your dog gets water during daylong outings.
  • Snow packed between the pads of a dog's paws can be painful and can cause injury.

An uncontrolled dog is better left at home

  • Keep your dog close to you (within 15 feet) and under reliable voice control at all times.

Dog excrement

  • Dog excrement remains in the snow all winter, to the annoyance of all. Remove it to a sanitary location.