Trail Difficulty Ratings

Our trails difficulty ratings are generally based on trail condition, steepness of grades, gain and loss of elevation, and the amount and kinds of natural barriers that must be traversed.

These ratings mean different things depending on if the trail was designed for foot use, for horse use, for bike use or for wheelchair use.

    Easy Moderate Difficult
Hiking Trail Grade 20% 30% 30% or more
  Trail Width 18-24" 12-18" 12"
  Trail Surface Spot Gravel Roots, imbedded rocks, some logs No graded tread
Mountain Bike Grade 10% 30% 30% or more
  Trail Width 24" 12-24" 12"
  Trail Surface Relatively Smooth Sections are Relatively Rough Varied. May need to carry bike
Horse Riding Trail Grade 15% 25% 30% or more
  Trail Width 24" 24" 18"
  Trail Surface Surface as needed for stability Roots, imbedded rocks, some logs No graded tread
Wheelchairs Trail Grade 1-3% 3-6% 6-8% or more
  Trail Width 4' 4' 3'
  Trail Surface Concrete or Asphalt Asphalt or very fine crushed rock Hard packed soil with some rock and roots

We want your visit to the Willamette National Forest to be safe, enjoyable, and low impact. Before venturing out on any of our trails, please visit our Know Before You Go page.