The El Yunque National Forest is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico.
Where is this Forest?



Four images from around the forest: tropical flower, parrots, tropical trees, brick tower

The El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the national forest system.  At nearly 29,000 acres, it is one of the smallest in size, yet one of the most biologically diverse of the national forests hosting hundreds of animal and plant species, some of which are found only here.

We hope you will enjoy your visit, exploring El Yunque’ s trails, historic features, scenic views and waterways while learning more about the Forest’s ecological importance and helping us to conserve this special natural area for the future.

Bromeliad - red and yellow tropical flower


Planning a visit to El Yunque ?  Here’s some tips for your visit 


Forest Plan Revision

El Yunque National Forest Scenic View

Find out how you can help plan El Yunque National Forest's future through the Plan Revision Process.

Descubra cómo usted puede ayudar futuro plan de Bosque Nacional El Yunque a través del Proceso de Revisión del Plan.

Amazing Rescue of the PR Parrot

 Read about the AMAZING RESCUE OF THE PR PARROT on  Dr. Jane Goodall's website


Welcome To Our New Forest Supervisor, Sharon Wallace

Sharon Wallace has been selected as the Forester Supervisor for the El Yunque National Forest and begins her assignment in October, 2015.

Tradewinds Talk newsletter has information for our tour operators and visitors

The Visitor Services Team recently issued this informative newsletter to our tour operators and partners to share information about Forest programs and visitor services.


Cultural Resources/Recursos Culturales

Learn More about the Cultural Resources of El Yunque/Aprende Mas Sobre los recursos culturales de El Yunque

Ecosystem/Planning Team Receives Conservation Award

Ecosystem Management/Planning Team members are recognized by Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell and Regional Forester Liz Agpaoa for their landscape conservation efforts

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