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Hospital Liaison Program

The Hospital Liaison program, while fairly new, is an important program that assists with “taking care of our own” when an employee is injured or ill and requires hospitalization or treatment from a medical provider. Most Forest Service regions offer this program.

Some of the primary purposes of the Hospital Liaison program are:

  • To provide aid and comfort to fellow employees injured or suffering illness, requiring treatment from a medical provider or hospitalization.
  • To provide a contact for the patient to assist with necessary paperwork, advocate for appropriate patient care, and communicate with Forest Line Officers, Incident personnel (if applicable), Employee’s Supervisor, and Safety Officer.
  • To provide a Forest Service Liaison skilled and capable of navigating the Albuquerque Service Center (ASC), Human Resource Management (HRM), and the Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) medical care requirements.
  • To facilitate meeting the needs of the patient and his/her family.

Hospital Liaisons are mobilized by a local unit dispatching center or by a supervisor or Agency Administrator. Check your Forest for your mobilization protocol.

Interested in the Hospital Liaison Program?