#ForestInFocus – Instagram and Yonder photo challenge

Mara Santana
Office of Communication
October 14th, 2016 at 8:45AM

Here’s your chance to help us focus in on your favorite natural wonders. We are asking you to send us those amazing photos that you have taken in America’s backyard, your national forests and grasslands.  These are the things that make outdoor adventures memorable, and the Forest Service wants to share in those memories.

National Forests and Grasslands Photo Challenge; tag your photo #ForestInFocus during Oct. 23-29.

Share your adventures with us using the hashtag #ForestInFocus for a chance to be featured on our platforms and the Forest Service website.

Here’s what you need to know

We are seeking photo submissions that highlight the natural wonders that our forests offer in the following categories:

  1. #Mountains
  2. #Waterfalls
  3. #Wildlife
  4. #Wildflowers
  5. #Recreation (hiking, kayaking, fishing etc.)

Submission period: October 23 October 29, 2016

Post your images (aka photographs) on Instagram or Yonder using the hashtag #forestinfocus and the hashtag that specifies the category you want the image to be considered for (e.g. #Mountains). To be considered as a contestant, you must also tag and follow the Forest Service’s Instagram page @ U.S.forestservice and Yonder account @ forestservice. Be sure to include a geotag to a national forest, national grassland, or any other Forest Service destination with your Instagram and Yonder post.

The following week we will feature the best photograph from each category on our Forest Service social media platforms and website.

Make sure to tell your friends to follow the @ U.S.ForestService Instagram account or Yonder account @ forestservice and like your picture.

General requirements

  1. All photographs must be of good quality
  2. No photograph can promote wrongful conduct in any way
  3. Photographs must be taken in one of your national forests or grasslands
  4. Photographs must be taken by the person submitting and they must hold the rights to the image
  5. Photographs must not contain watermarks
  6. Photographs must not be altered except for basic cropping or adjustment of contrast, brightness or saturation


By participating in this challenge you agree to retain all rights to any image submitted. Only if your image is selected, must you agree to grant the Forest Service rights to your photograph for the following uses:

  1. Use of the photograph on our different social media platforms and Forest Service website
  2. Use of the photograph for non-commercial purposes
  3. Use of the photograph on the internet as part of the promotion and coverage of the challenge
  4. Save the photograph in our files

The Forest Service will credit photographs with the owner.