It’s Autumn in America

Robert Westover
Office of Communication, U.S. Forest Service
September 21st, 2015 at 3:45PM

One of the greatest natural events in the world is starting to change — change colors that is. The brilliant colors on the leaves of millions of trees are about to make you look up in awe and the U.S. Forest Service wants folks to get outside and experience it this Fall. A photo of orange leaves and fall foliage in West Fork.

This year the Forest Service’s 2015 Fall Colors webpage has something unique to help those wanting to visit our national forests and grasslands experience the grace and glory of autumn just about everywhere in America. It’s a downloadable app called Yonder and it’s designed for sharing outdoors experiences on your smart phone for all the world to see.

With the Yonder app you can post pictures in real time, share amazing views of bursting fall colors with an avid community of outdoors enthusiasts. Being able to instantly pinpoint your location as you stare into a forest of bright reds, yellow and orange will be very helpful to those fellow leaf peepers who might not know where the best viewing spots are.

Additionally, Yonder allows you to add “experiences” by selecting categories like hiking, camping, biking or skiing to let others in similar experiences find you and vice versa. And, keeping track of what you and others are posting will be a lot easier using the hashtag #forestfallcolors.

We also have other useful tools to help plan your adventure to see colorful trees and beautiful wildflowers this autumn. So visit the Forest Service 2015 Fall Colors site often and don’t forget to share your pictures and outdoors experiences on Yonder!