National sing-along for Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday

Robert Hudson Westover
Office of Communication
August 8th, 2019 at 11:13AM
A graphic of Smokey Bear and a birthday cake to celebrate his 75 birthday this August 9th.
Smokey Bear turns 75 this August 9th. (USDA Forest Service graphic)

The USDA Forest Service is inviting folks to wish Smokey Bear a very pleasant 75th birthday by singing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song and posting it on the internet with the hashtag #SingForSmokey. 

Holding just one birthday party for the hardest working bear in America seemed impractical. So many folks adore our country’s fire prevention mascot we would be hard-pressed to find a space big enough. That doesn’t mean we can’t all send Smokey happy birthday wishes.

The national sing-along begins August 5th and ends on Smokey’s official birthday, August 9th.

Each day of his birthday week, the Forest Service social media team will share videos of well-wishers singing happy birthday to Smokey. They are encouraging everyone to add Smokey’s famous words of wisdom, “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires.”

Remember, Smokey Bear doesn’t have a middle name, so, if you’re in the celebratory spirit, and want to wish him a happy birthday, sing something like: “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Smokey Bear! Happy Birthday to you…And Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!”

Whether or not you choose to sing Smokey happy birthday, please keep his fire prevention message in mind wherever you are, whether you’re visiting our nation’s millions of acres of national forests or in your own backyard. 

To learn more about Smokey’s amazing, true story from bear cub to iconic symbol, or just to learn how to properly put out a fire, please visit Smokey’s website