USDA Climate Hubs website: Connecting stakeholders to the hubs

Randy Johnson
USDA Climate Hubs National Leader
October 23rd, 2014 at 12:45PM

The USDA Climate Hub Leaders are based in USDA facilities across the country.

I’m happy to announce that as of today, the USDA Climate Hubs have an official home on the web. The new site provides a portal for farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, and others to find useful, practical information to help cope with the challenges and stressors caused by a changing climate. We hope this site will serve as a gateway not only to the information and tools provided by the regional Hubs, but also to the larger network of USDA programs that provide conservation and planning support to land managers.

The Hubs Site comprises a suite of pages specific to each region across the country.  By browsing through the pages for each region, you can find information on agriculture and forestry vulnerabilities related to climate change and tools to cope with these changes. You’ll also find more information about the Hubs program, and contact information to get in touch with the right specialist in your area.A map of the U.S.

The site provides resources related to drought, fire risks, pests and diseases, climate variability, and heat stress, and links users to the network of USDA conservation programs and resources that provide producers with technical and financial assistance to manage risks.  It also connects users to the latest research, educational materials, and tools for managing climate risks.  We’ve provided links to the efforts of our partners and cooperators including public and land grant universities, Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Experiment Stations and state climatologists.

We’ll be working behind the scenes to keep the site up to date with news and events, but we need your input and feedback to help us make the site most useful.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.