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A picture showing several students standing in a half-circle so that they can listen to their mentor.

(Adapted from CompassLive) The only way to understand the nuances of working a fireline is by being on one. The six-year-old Fire Tigers Program recently took more than 50 Clemson University students

Over the years, natural outdoor environments in cities have disappeared with ongoing urbanization. The City of Philadelphia’s Greenworks Program is a plan to increase tree canopy, or greenspace. A
Earthworm on top of the soil

In a garden, earthworms can be great for soil. And a worm is a worm is a worm, right? Except that there are more than 7,000 species of worms, and the longer you look, the more complex their world
A picture showing several firefighters working on a hillside, digging fireline.

Climate change threatens communities around the world with the promise of more floods, drought, extreme heat, hurricanes – and wildfire. As these events increase in frequency, they will add new