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A brown and tan snake looks at the camera with its round, black eye as it rests on a bed of orange pine needles.
Nurturing the Louisiana pinesnake population
Kisatchie National Forest

The Louisiana pinesnake ( Pituophis ruthveni ) is one of the rarest snakes in the country. In 2006, Josh Pierce , a Forest Service wildlife biologist, began building a database of snake sightings. The
Thirteen pearly white larvae wriggle among each other in a bean-shaped cutout of a tree branch.
Breeding alien wasps to kill predator beetles

Hundreds of tiny, invasive emerald ash borer larvae gnaw under the bark. Their zig-zagging paths across the tree’s delicate tissues mark its slow death. This ash tree, like tens of millions of others
Two men in brightly colored shirts posing for picture in front of wall
Nurturing gainfully employed conservation leaders

“Eyes on me!” … “Eyes on you!” This energetic call and response echoes throughout the Cox’s Bazar campus of the Bangladesh Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). It serves as both a call to attention and a

Aerial view of smoke billowing from fire near highway
How fire can protect North Carolina communities
Croatan National Forest

When it comes to wildfires in the United States, in any given year more than half happen in the Southeast. In 2022, the South had approximately 39,000 wildfires. The South is also one of the fastest

A person in a white protective suit and N-95 mask is holding a bat gently with his blue gloved hands to release the bat back into its habitat.
Fighting a bat-killing fungus

The generator that runs the sodium lights in Minnetonka Cave just outside of St. Charles, Idaho, on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest has been winterized and the lights are off for the season. But
Dozens of large bags of firewood in white sacks are lined up outdoors, while a backhoe and excavator work in the background.
Wood Innovation Grants support timber industry, healthy forests

Timber products have been sustaining the American way of life for centuries and are deeply rooted in our culture. Much has been learned about sustainable forest management, timber harvesting and

Three people collect tree core samples.
Using trees to clean up contamination goes international

Forest Service scientist Dr. Ron Zalesny clutches a poplar tree within a stand of 260 and rattles off the Latin names of all the tree genotypes he and his team chose for the project. The genotypes are

Wood pellets emerge from inside a conveyor belt.
Celebrating National Forest Products Week

When you work with wood products, every week is forest products week! But this week, October 15-21, 2023, is when we take a moment to celebrate National Forest Products Week and all the people who
A young boy plays frisbee with Smokey Bear at his tree planting ceremony.
Keeping Smokey Bear’s message alive for generations

It’s been a long drive and an even longer work week, but your spirit lightens at the thought of enjoying a weekend in the great outdoors. As thoughts of work fade away and the wild landscape fills

Three uniformed forest service employees stand with contented looks on their faces on a rocky outcropping in front of a wall with painted pictographs.
Discovering past and people
Kaibab National Forest

As Kristen Francis looks out across the quiet expanse of the Kaibab Plateau in Northern Arizona, she wonders at what all the land has seen and what we can learn if we look closely. “We learn from the