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Beau Goodwin, his wife Stephanie Goodwin, son Carter Goodwin, baby girl Amelia Goodwin gather spruce roots.

Long before recorded history, in a place now referred to as the Klamath River Basin in Northern California, the Karuk Tribe thrived along the riverbanks. The Karuk have relied on the land and the
Image of hydrology technician, Kaci Spooner, wearing a USDA Forest Service uniform, kneeling in the short brush and grass next to a river.
Modoc National Forest

National forests provide an estimated 20% of the nation’s water , and 60% in California. Hydrologists on those national forests know its importance. It’s meaningful work, and those that care for water

Before and after photo of restoration work on a trail.
Great American Outdoors Act funds help deferred maintenance
Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest

During summer, visitors are returning to the treasured trails that make Montana famous for its outdoor recreation. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, arguably one of Montana’s greatest gems, is a

Contractors prepare to transfer shortleaf pine off one of Mark Twain National Forest’s log landings

Most people are acquainted with honeybees and bumblebees and their importance in nature. There are 4,000 bee species in this country that pollinate 80 percent of all flowering plants, including more
Image of Akailah Jaramogi honoring her ancestors in a forested area.
Hurricane unearths American history
Apalachicola National Forest

Hurricane Michael swept through Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest in 2018. Reviewing the aftermath the following spring led to discovering a unique and powerful thread of American history dating

A team of people wearing hard hats, high visibility jackets, and gloves work to move stone blocks on the bank of a river.
Unlocking creative solutions through public-private partnerships

Imagine planning your summer vacation to visit to one of your favorite outdoor places from your childhood. The fond memories of lakes and endless hiking trails. When you finally reach your destination

A Northern Pearly Eye taking a break on an large aspen leaf.

If you walk into a forest on a cold winter day, you won’t see bees. However, once the flowers start to bloom and pollen fills the air, that same forest will be buzzing with pollinators. Depending on
Image of Forest Service employee and Army veteran, Louis Haynes.
Opportunity for next generation to find dream jobs
Ashley National Forest

After returning home as a disabled veteran from Operation Desert Storm, it was a challenge for Louis Haynes to find his professional footing in the civilian world. He found “home” in the USDA Forest