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Aerial view of the dry hillsides of Asotin, Washington

Editor’s note: The USDA Forest Service recently announced a 10-year strategy to confront the wildfire crisis and improve forest resilience. The agency will work with partners over the next decade to
4.	Plumice Stone Mountain and the Medicine Lake loop trail. Credit: William Johnson / USDA Forest Service

Editors note: The Great American Outdoors Act is supporting the USDA Forest Service to deliver benefits to the American public through major investments in recreation infrastructure, public lands
A picture showing a hiker walking down a trail with flowers on each side, mountains in the background and forested areas on each side.

Since the USDA Forest Service launched its Internet presence over 25 years ago nearly a thousand feature stories have been written and posted, highlighting the important work we do with our partners

A close-up picture of a person's two fingers holding a small roll or rolled up wood.

Do you remember learning origami as a kid? From simple sheets of paper, you could create anything – flowers, animals, houses, furniture. The possibilities were endless. Now think about what you could