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Smokey bear in costume standing next to a Smokey Bear statue outdoors.
Celebrating our amazing forests and what they give to us

Celebrate the holidays with us with a countdown about our incredible National Forests and Grasslands, to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas.” On the first day of yuletide, my forests gave to me.... A
Illustrated logo of Smokey Bear behind 80th BIRTHDAY text.
A fire prevention legacy unmatched

80 years is a tremendous milestone—for anyone. To make it to 80 means you have overcome life’s greatest challenges and you truly become the elder, the sage, the one who knows a thing or two and should
Staff from American Samoa Community College Forestry Department show students the process of planting trees in their neighborhoods. (Photo Courtesy of DJ Sene, Forestry Program Manager & Territorial Forester , American Samoa Community College)

For a moment, imagine your neighborhood… your big city downtown or smalltown main street. The trees, vegetation and green spaces are likely a part of these pictures. But they probably aren't the focus
Savanna elephants walk in a line across a dirt road. Telephone poles with power lines run along the road. Trees, shrubs, and dry grasses fill the landscape.
Fostering coexistence in the Okavango Delta of Botswana

Ecoexist partners with Forest Service training specialists to help Botswana farmers and families share methods for living peacefully with endangered savanna elephants. Dangerous encounters Young
Small drone sitting on ground
Enhancing the work of foresters
Inyo National Forest

Gathering a deep understanding of a forest, from the roots to the treetops, was once only possible after months of walking the landscape. But soon U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service
Two employees stand in front of tall industrial shelves stacked high with large white bags of seed.
Custom seed mixes to restore habitat in fuel breaks on the Dixie National Forest
Dixie National Forest

In a large climate-controlled warehouse in central Utah, hundreds of thousands of pounds of seed in white feed bags are stacked to the ceiling on industrial shelves like a rangeland Costco. In mid
Incident management staff.
One firefighter’s journey of sacrifice and triumph to become the South's first woman incident commander

When her daughters were younger, Debbie Beard would pick them up regularly from school. Self-described as “always the late mom,” she was more likely one of several moms who didn’t get their children
Smokey bear balloon towers above people on street
Forest Service employees put fire prevention in the limelight at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Last week, Devante Lockamy found himself in Central Park during the early hours of Thanksgiving, teeming with a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation as he embarked on a unique Forest Service
A man stands in front of a large area of river cane.
River cane restoration throughout the South
Kisatchie National Forest

River cane might be unfamiliar to some, but for many Indigenous people, it is part of their family stories, daily lives, a familiar presence and widely used material. River cane is native to
Indian Youth Service Corps students and adults pose for group picture.
Dedicated to conservation and community service on the Cherokee National Forest
Cherokee National Forest

This summer, individuals from the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (UKB) came together as part of the Indian Youth Service Corps crew to contribute their efforts to preserve and maintain the