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A picture of a wildland firefighter using a water hose to spray hot areas on the Caldor fire.

California Fire Intensity- California FOREST NEWS -Episode #1 from Pacific Southwest Region on Vimeo. After burning for 69 days, 221,835 acres burned, 1,003 structures destroyed, and the evacuation of
A picture showing a very large group of bats huddled together.

Peek underneath the loose bark of a dead tree and you might find bats roosting. A bat’s choice for a cozy home may seem unusual. But just like people, bats need shelter, water and food to thrive. A
A picture of a heavily forested area, showcasing the changing season with various colors, with a very small dirt road or large trail cutting through it.

Glimmers of light dance across the river’s surface as a cool breeze drifts past, gently pulling brilliant red leaves from a sturdy but gnarled maple tree. You watch this bright-red cluster swirl in