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A person using virtual reality hardware, including a headset and two hand devices, in a conference room.
Young professionals lead the way for environmental justice

Dozens of young leaders descended upon Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to collectively build roadmaps for environmental justice and climate action for their local
Aerial view of a marsh wetland with forest covered hills rising in the distance.
Deschutes National Forest

Picture an IMAX-style aerial film of a high-elevation wetland complex boasting every shade of green, from lime to emerald to olive, amid its vast landscape. Behind this image is Forest Service
Senior wildland firefighter Anthony “Monte” Monterroso

Wildland firefighters are a critical linchpin in saving lives, protecting communities and serving on the front lines to confront our nation’s wildfire crisis, but few people know that for some
Leslie Zollinger

Many outside the wildland firefighting community are unaware of the crucial role dispatchers play in metaphorically helping to stomp out the flames of a fire in our nation’s backcountry. Leslie
A collage of images showing a 1905 and 2022 images of the same location in the North Yuba Landscape and an overgrowth of trees when compared to the 1905 image.
The Forest Service is investing in the North Yuba Landscape to protect communities beyond its boundaries
Tahoe National Forest

Fire-resilient forests have a ripple effect — from trees to landscapes to communities — as their benefits spread beyond their borders to all of us. The 275,000-acre North Yuba Landscape within
A group of people wearing orange hard hats, yellow shirts, and olive forestry pants standing in a forest of trees, smiling for the camera.

We invite you to experience an interactive story map featuring over 100 stories, images and videos of service to the land by Forest Service volunteers and partners. The breadth and depth of volunteer