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A team of people wearing hard hats, high visibility jackets, and gloves work to move stone blocks on the bank of a river.
Unlocking creative solutions through public-private partnerships

Imagine planning your summer vacation to visit to one of your favorite outdoor places from your childhood. The fond memories of lakes and endless hiking trails. When you finally reach your destination

A Northern Pearly Eye taking a break on an large aspen leaf.

If you walk into a forest on a cold winter day, you won’t see bees. However, once the flowers start to bloom and pollen fills the air, that same forest will be buzzing with pollinators. Depending on
Image of Forest Service employee and Army veteran, Louis Haynes.
Opportunity for next generation to find dream jobs
Ashley National Forest

After returning home as a disabled veteran from Operation Desert Storm, it was a challenge for Louis Haynes to find his professional footing in the civilian world. He found “home” in the USDA Forest

A large group of people wearing hard hats standing along a dirt road in a forest listening to one person talk.
Colorado Front Range landscape partners cross boundaries to reduce wildfire risk
Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Jamestown Mitigation Project Vimeo.mp4 from The Watershed Center on Vimeo . America’s western forests are at risk. We are losing natural treasures to increasingly severe and frequent wildfires. These
A bald eagle perched on a log floating in a body of water with the bank in the background consisting of large and medium rock.
Prescribed fire improves habitat for plants and animals
Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Prescribed fire, the intentional and scientific use of fire on the landscape, reduces wildfire risk to communities that dot the wildland. But the Forest Service also considers other inhabitants when

Two protected cameras record wildland firefighter emergency shelters surrounded and inside a test fire.
Forest Service turns up the heat for safety

For wildland firefighters, knowing their equipment and gear are tested and proven to handle the stresses and rigors of wildland fire operations should never be in question. When they’re headed for the

Stephanie Williams

When you hear the term “nurse,” you probably visualize a modern-day superhero toiling in a hospital or nursing home—not necessarily a USDA Forest Service Job Corps center. In the aftermath of a public
Tribal Youth Conservation Corp participants take a turn in using an increment borer on a tree in a Texas forest.
Tribal Youth Conservation Corps program set to return to Texas

With summer on the horizon, National Forests and Grasslands in Texas are preparing for the return of the Tribal Youth Conservation Corps program, which provides young people, ages 16-18, hands-on work
Three researchers kneeling behind a large Aligator Snapping Turtle, next to a body of water.
Surveying animals using environmental DNA

Alligator snapping turtles (Macrochelys temminckii) are large, freshwater turtles that live in large rivers from Texas to Florida. They are listed as threatened in several states, and more information
A person using virtual reality hardware, including a headset and two hand devices, in a conference room.
Young professionals lead the way for environmental justice

Dozens of young leaders descended upon Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to collectively build roadmaps for environmental justice and climate action for their local