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Allison T Williams
Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests

It’s January 2020 and mere weeks before American cities would go quiet as a raging epidemic spread throughout the world. Allison T. Williams, an information specialist, steps out on a sunny South

The author and his best friend and teammate, Badger, pose for a photo with two sea-run cutthroat trout while on a fishing the tidewaters of a Siuslaw National Forest river last July.

The coastal cutthroat trout is a fish of many names: sea-run cutthroat, blue-back, harvest, among others. Regardless of the name, most Pacific Northwest anglers agree the coastal cutthroat is a

A picture of a boat launch area showing a couple trucks with either a trailer or rafts on them and with a very large crowd of water recreationalists in the background.

National forests across the country support a number of industries that in turn bolster rural and national economies. Among those industries are mining, timber and grazing. But another industry rivals

A picture of Kate Meyer holding a steelhead near the edge of a riverbank.

During a virtual ceremony on May 26, Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen and Acting Deputy Chief Tina Terrell announced the 14 employees and partners who are recipients of the 2020 Rise to the

A picture of a camping tent setup up on a high mountain slope overlooking a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

Over the last year, people across the U.S. chose the great outdoors to reduce stress and find a physically distanced alternative for having a little fun. National forests and grasslands were

A picture of sheep grazing

From the sweater you wear, to airplane carpets, wool is one of the most incredible fibers in the world. It can keep you warm, its ability to absorb almost a third of its weight in water can keep you