Feature Stories

A Look at Life in the Wildland Urban Interface

October 28, 2015 - If I were to go running on my favorite trail on the west side of town and ask one of the homeowners, whose house abuts the natural area, to describe where they live, I am guessing they would first say Fort Collins, or maybe offer the name of their neighborhood, followed by “at the base of the… Read more

Celebrate the Mysterious World of Caves, a Home for Bats during International Bat Week

October 28, 2015 - What images enter your mind when you think of caves or bats? Many people’s initial thoughts center around small spaces, dark places and the misleading myths surrounding the world’s only flying mammal. Both caves and bats are part of a fascinating story found in your … Read more

The Biology of Fall Leaves: It’s all about Chemistry

October 22, 2015 - Forests become a veritable garden in the fall, presenting a riot of color in national forests as well as on the streets where we live. But what exactly is going on in those leaves? How – and why – do leaves change color, and why is there so much variety? It boils down to chemistry. Pigments are… Read more

U.S. Forest Service Supports 2015 World Special Olympics

September 29, 2015 - A small but enthusiastic group of volunteers joined a famous bear and well-known owl to support an international competition attended by more than 100,000 people from all over the world. The U.S. Forest Service was a proud partner of the 2015 World Special Olympics in Los Angeles recently.… Read more

Forest Service waives fees in support of the nation’s largest volunteer effort on public lands

September 25, 2015 - As the fall season slowly matriculates and the autumn equinox makes its debut, volunteers are encouraged to give back by participating in the annual National Public Lands Day. National Public Lands Day, in its 22nd year, is the nation’s largest, single-… Read more

Forest Service Funds Landmark Climate Change Study

September 25, 2015 - Preparing for the effects of climate change, the U.S. Forest Service has taken the lead in a new report that highlights actions taken by federal agencies to adapt to a changing climate. “Some federal agen­cies are making good progress in climate change… Read more

It’s Autumn in America

September 21, 2015 - One of the greatest natural events in the world is starting to change — change colors that is. The brilliant colors on the leaves of millions of trees are about to make you look up in awe and the U.S. Forest Service wants folks to get outside and experience it this Fall. This year the Forest… Read more

Virginia Is for Lovers – and Silvopasture

September 17, 2015 -   Throughout his life, Chris Fields-Johnson has been keenly aware of the need to preserve the natural landscapes, which provide us with clean air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. As a graduate student of soil science at Virginia State and Polytechnic University, a forestry undergraduate… Read more

Land-marking: Returning to 9/11 Living Memorials Projects and to the people who continue to shape, create and attend to their meaning

September 11, 2015 - Living memorials serve as a reminder of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends—but also of the power of community to reflect, rebuild and renew. Our research suggests that living memorials demonstrate the role of nature in contemporary times not only as… Read more

Being Fire Wise is an Easy Way to Prepare for Fire Season

September 10, 2015 - We’ve all seen the heart-wrenching images on TV: lives and property destroyed by wildland fire.  And, this fire season, with over eight million acres burned, we are seeing these images more frequently. Most of us think nothing can be done to protect a home from the onslaught of a raging wildland… Read more

Forest Employees Partner to Provide Improved Access to Historic Cemetery

September 4, 2015 - Since the 1800s, heirs of the San Joaquin del Rio de Chama Land Grant in northern New Mexico have been tending to graves and religious sites in a small cemetery at the top of a mesa in the Chama River Canyon. For at least three decades, they had to travel by foot up the hill to reach the cemetery… Read more

Working Together to Restore the Colorado Front Range

September 3, 2015 - It started with a call from a concerned landowner living on Pine Country Lane, nestled in the foothills just west of Denver. The landscape spread out before them was scarred from previous high-severity fires, the homeowners told their local Conservation District. Their home was sitting at the top… Read more

Apalachicola National Forest Restores National Historic Landmark

September 1, 2015 - The drive to Fort Gadsden’s Historic Site on the Apalachicola National Forest is something reminiscent of a nature documentary. Towering pines line the highway while vibrant wildflowers bloom throughout the fields. Local volunteers and Apalachicola… Read more

Alaskan High School Students Learn Valuable Skills at “Fish Boot Camp”

August 27, 2015 - This post was co-authored with Andrew Thoms, Executive Director of the Sitka Conservation Society. “The thing that our forests grow best is salmon!” is the local phrase that a visitor is most likely to hear when visiting some of the 32 communities that live… Read more

Student Climate and Conservation Congress: Bright Young Minds

August 26, 2015 - This year, for the first time, the Forest Service partnered with the Green School Alliance and their principle partner the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in support of the Student Climate and Conservation… Read more

100 Years of U.S. Forest Service Research and Development

August 21, 2015 - U.S. Forest Service Research and Development celebrates a century of existence this year and while we don’t all get the opportunity to work directly with our researchers and scientists, we all benefit from their contributions. We are extremely fortunate as an agency to have our own Research &… Read more

Restoring Appalachian Soils to Restore the Forests

August 19, 2015 - The land of forest-covered hills, mountain music and coal has a lesson for restoration: healthy forests require healthy soils. The forests of Appalachia, a region that extends from southern New York to Georgia, are considered to be among the most diverse temperate deciduous forests in the world,… Read more

Alaska’s Newest Live Stream Salmon Cam Debuts

August 17, 2015 - The City of Valdez, Alaska, offers a unique destination for visitors because of the proximity to the Crooked Creek Information Center, the most visited information center on the … Read more

Inaugural US Forest Service International Seminar on Forest Landscape Restoration Held in Oregon

August 14, 2015 - This blog post was co-authored with Aaron Reuben (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Kathleen Buckingham (World Resources Institute). Four billion acres of degraded and deforested land world-wide—an area the size of South America—could benefit from restoration. Restoration… Read more

Forest Service Celebrates 150th Birthday of Founder

August 11, 2015 - The life in which U.S. Forest Service founder Gifford Pinchot was born into wasn’t much different than what millions of Downton Abbey fans have come to know through that popular PBS… Read more