Kaibab National Forest 2017 Citizen Science Project


This projects asks you to document as many flora and fauna as possible during the 2017 calendar year. Visitors can snap photos of plants and animals as they enjoy the Forest, and upload those photos and their locations to iNaturalist, a free app that documents observations of living things all over the world. After it’s uploaded, a community of experts, including Forest Service staff, can help identify what was captured in the picture. The Forest Service will use this information for education materials and to help identify management issues, such as invasive plants.



Kaibab National Forest





Not Accepting Participants

This project is closed. To find similar Forest Service projects near you, visit the iNaturalist website. See what the volunteers found by visiting the Kaibab Citizen Science Project page.


Participant Age

All ages


Participant Tasks

  • Observe botany and wildlife
  • Photography or audio