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A love of the outdoors inspires a Forest Service employee to support her natural resource mission

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Jennifer Heisey Barnhart has always loved the outdoors so it’s only logical that all of her jobs have been working outdoors. Jennifer is a fairly new employee of the U.S. Forest Service, currently working with the Andrew Pickens Ranger District on the Sumter National Forest in South Carolina for almost four years, but her experience as a natural resources specialist is many years strong. “From a…
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Forest Service leader and partners work to conserve California landscapes

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This summer, USDA is highlighting partnerships to invest in the future of rural America. Our partners work with us year after year to leverage resources and grow economic opportunities. They are the key to ensuring our rural communities thrive. Follow more of our stories on Twitter at @USDA or using the hashtag #RuralPartners. Working with partners to accomplish mutual goals in conservation…
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Forest Service IT Specialist Excels for Northern Research Station

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Jim Lootens-White, an information technology specialist for the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, has a keen interest in interpreting scientific data and developing web projects to highlight the compelling research accomplishments of the station’s scientists. As an IT specialist for the web, Lootens-White says the work is constantly changing. “There are always new…
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District interpreter celebrates sense of place in Southeast Alaska

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Finding a sense of place is a huge factor in the life of this district interpreter on the world’s largest temperate rainforest - the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. Corree Seward Delabrue has either lived in or travelled through many of our nation’s states. But Alaska holds the allure of the natural environment that has her fusion of interests: being a natural foods foodie, passionate about…
nemo campgrounds, wrangell ranger district, tongass, national forest, faces of the forest, forestry, forest service

Who Says Research Can’t be Fun?

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If Morgan Grove had 30 seconds to brief any high-level official, he would simply describe his job as working to make cities better and safer places for people to live. “Our Forest Service research benefits the public in many ways — including having clean water to drink, safer living environments and recreating outside for healthier lives,” said Grove. Because of Grove’s love of the great…
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