faces of the forest

Meet David Flores

Growing up, David Flores never visited a national forest. His parents worked labor-intensive jobs that left little time for or interest in leaving his community and discover the beauty, the peacefulness, the history and culture that is unique to each national forest or grassland. Today he’s ardently involved in making up for lost time.

A love of the outdoors inspires a Forest Service employee to support her natural resource mission

Jennifer Heisey Barnhart has always loved the outdoors so it’s only logical that all of her jobs have been working outdoors.

Jennifer is a fairly new employee of the U.S. Forest Service, currently working with the Andrew Pickens Ranger District on the Sumter National Forest in South Carolina for almost four years, but her experience as a natural resources specialist is many years strong.

Meet Shyh-Chin Chen

Meet Shyh-Chin Chen, who immigrated from Taiwan to pursue academic and career interests, is a research meteorologist at the Pacific Southwest Research Station in California. His co-workers describe him as insightful and very focused about using meteorological advances to fight wildfires. He’s found the U.S. Forest Service to be an attractive place to make a difference and is building on his list of 100-plus university research publications with additional Forest Service research publications.

Meet Vaughan Marable

Self-analysis, courage to change and developing one’s leadership skills are the guided footsteps that Vaughan Marable decided to follow as he has blazed his trail in the Forest Service. He has worked for the agency nearly 27 years but feels like it was just yesterday when he began his varied career on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington as a cooperative education student before becoming a wildlife biologist for the agency.