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The legends of a man and a bear

Smokey Bear and Gifford Pinchot
August is a uniquely special month for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service. This is because two very important birthdays are celebrated. The first, on Aug. 9, is Smokey Bear’s birthday and the second, only two days later, August 11, is Gifford Pinchot’s birthday. They would be 79 and 159, respectively, this year. Although Smokey needs no introduction either inside or outside the…
USDA Forest Service, BLM, national park service, gifford pinchot, smokey bear

The story of a wildland fire dispatcher

Leslie Zollinger
Leslie Zollinger is a dispatcher with the US Forest Service based out of Cody, Wyoming. ​​​​​​(Photo credit: Leslie Zollinger.) Many outside the wildland firefighting community are unaware of the crucial role dispatchers play in metaphorically helping to stomp out the flames of a fire in our nation’s…
USDA Forest Service, wildland fire, Dispatcher

Project protecting Denver water supply receives federal funding

A view of the 2000 High Meadow Fire bordering the treatment area
Mechanical thinning by a piece of equipment known as a processor at the Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch project. A non-profit group called Stewardship West is working to increase the pace and scale of treatment aligned with the Wildfire Crisis Strategy’s Front Range Priority Landscape. (USDA Forest…
USDA Forest Service, Wildfire Crisis Strategy, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Pike National Forest

Innovative Finance for National Forests Grant Program Fosters New Ideas, Partnerships

A picture of smoke rising up in several locations on a mountain side.
Smoke rises over the densely packed Umpqua National Forest in Oregon. (Forest Service photo by Kari Greer) The USDA Forest Service is charged with caring for 193 million acres of the nation’s forests and grasslands and solving some of the most complex land management challenges. Across the country, forests densely packed with trees are at high…
Innovation Finance, budget, USDA Forest Service, reforestation, fire, land management, recreation

A Role Model for Federal Accountability: The FIA Annual Business Report

A picture showing a helicopter, hovering in the air, just off the side of a hill and two employees that had just been dropped off.
Helicopter-dropped crew (Dan Durfee and Ian Kottke) measuring forest plots in Kupreanof Island, Coastal Alaska For nearly 100 years, the USDA Forest Service has been building the world’s largest continuous body of data on forests, including, health, biomass, extent, and ownership. Over the years, the Forest Inventory and Analysis program has…
USDA Forest Service, FIA Program, FIA Annual Business Report

When Bears Fly

A picture of an extremely large inflated Smokey Bear balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.
This bear can fly. The new Smokey Bear balloon debuted in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (USDA Forest Service photo) Smokey Bear will make an appearance again in the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The star of the longest-running public service advertising campaign in U.S. history will remind those tuning-in about his…
USDA Forest Service, smokey bear, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade