Valle Vidal Unit

Status: Open

This area is Open

Seasonal Information

Winter Closure- January 1 to March 31
Winter is the time when most species, including elk, suffer physical hardship. High amounts of energy are expended to maintain body heat at a time when forage is neither as abundant nor as nutritious as in other seasons. Protection from freezing wind and snow is also a key survival element. Elk spend the winter in areas where forage and cover available. Disturbances force them to flee to less desirable areas where the stressed animals are more vulnerable to disease, predation and exposure.

Spring Closure - May 1 to June 30
When Calving time comes, usually in May and June, elk cows seek areas that have suitable cover and forage. The cow and calf will remain in an area for about 10 days after birth, or until the calf is strong enough to follow the cow to higher country. Disturbances could cause the cow to abort or to abandon her calf. Forcing a cow elk to a less than adequate site for birthing could result in a weakened calf with less chance for survival.

When there is a closure on either side of the unit, you may drive through the whole unit. You cannot get out and hike on the side where the closure is in effect. We have implemented travel management on the Carson National Forest traveling off road is prohibited. We carry the Motor Vehicle Use maps and those maps will show the roads that are ONLY open for motorized use.