Cinder Hills Off Highway Vehicle Area

Status: Open

This area is Open

Permits & Regulations

Permits & Regulations

When operating a vehicle in the Cinder Hills, there are certain regulations you are responsible to know.

  • Helmets are required by state law for all drivers and passengers under the age of 18.
  • Only licensed motor vehicles will be permitted on Forest Roads 414 and 776.
  • All vehicles are required to have a Forest Service approved exhaust system or spark arrester and be in good condition.
  • Vehicles shall not be driven carelessly without regard for the safety of others or in a manner that is likely to endanger any person or property.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area.
  • Camping is restricted on several portions of forest Road 776. These areas shall be posted (refer to map for locations).
  • Campfire and smoking restrictions may be in effect during dry periods. Please check with any of our offices for current fire restrictions.