Verde River

Status: Open

This area is Open

Permits & Regulations

A permit is not necessary for groups less than 75 in number. There are areas and camps listed below in the boater's guide that have a capacity of 12 or 25 people. 

The Verde River is shared by three national forests; Coconino, Prescott and Tonto. See Verde River Map.

Please note, there are new restrictions regarding fires and toilets on the Verde River in Coconino, Tonto and Prescott National Forests -

  • 1. It is prohibited to build, maintain, attend, or use a fire or campfire, except those contained in a camp stove, or a fire pan; 36 CFR 261.52 (a).
    • Requirements: Fire pans must be made of a durable metal, be at least 16 inches in diameter with at least a 3 inch lip around its outer edge, and sufficient to contain fire and remains. All fires must be contained in the fire pan. Fire blankets under fire pans are recommended to facilitate total ash removal. 
  • 2. It is prohibited to dispose of solid human body waste in anything other than a portable toilet; waste must be removed from the Verde Wild and Scenic River Area in accordance with directions below; 36 CFR 261.57 (g) and (b).
    • Requirements: Portable toilet must be a washable, reusable toilet system that allows for the carry-out and disposal of solid human body waste, allowing for the sanitary transfer of waste materials to septic vaults or sewage treatment facilities. The system must be adequate for the size of the group and length of the trip, and must be accessible during the daytime. Use of a plastic or paper bag as a receptacle for disposal of solid human body waste is prohibited unless it is part of a specifically engineered bag waste containment system containing enzymes and polymers to treat solid human body waste. Leaving solid human body waste on Public Land or dumping it into vault toilets at Forest Service facilities is prohibited. 

See the whole Forest Order and Map.