Lime Kiln Trail No. 82

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Millennium Lime Kiln Trail Connects Communities

Ken Anderson, Former District Ranger of the Red Rock Ranger District


After a century of rest, the historic Lime Kiln Trail, a local dream and concept, will once again provide an inter-community connection here in the Verde Valley. In addition to its local significance, the Lime Kiln Trail concept was recognized by the White House Millennium Council in 2000 as a National Millennium Community Trail to "connect the people to their land, their history and their culture." Since this time, exciting new coalitions have been formed to re-create this inter-community trail utilizing state, county, federal and strong community partnerships.

According to Diane Lovett, horse woman and trail founder, "It has been almost twenty years since several other riders and I first discovered the old Lime Kiln Trail alignment. We began asking some old timers to share their stories about the trail and began talking with the Forest Service about the trail idea. It has been a long and worthwhile process, a 'dream come true' to see it now becoming a reality."

Early settlers like Charles Willard used the Lime Kiln and its bricks for which the trail is named, to build brick homes here in the valley. The Lime Kiln Cut-Off was a major travel route between the mining town of Jerome and the Oak Creek farming community of Sedona. Horse drawn wagons and carts transported bricks, Oak Creek wine and locally grown produce for trade between these Verde Valley communities.

The new 14 mile Lime Kiln Trail will provide an excellent historic trail opportunity for equestrian riders, mountain bicyclists and hikers connecting Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood to Red Rock State Park in Sedona. The trail is designated as non-motorized, although portions of the trail follow existing road alignments.

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