Big Island Lake Wilderness


In addition to other Wilderness values, like wildlife habitat and solitude, Big Island Lake Wilderness offers Wilderness Areas offers camping and canoeing opportunities. But before you decide to go there, please consider ...

Is the Wilderness Experience for You?

Before you plan your trip into the Wilderness, ask yourself if you really want a Wilderness experience. Although many resort areas serve Upper Michigan, the Wilderness is preserved in a natural state - without roads, electricity, telephones, tap water, trashcans, restrooms, and other amenities offered in some campgrounds and picnic areas throughout the Forest.

The key to enjoying a visit to Wilderness is to plan a trip that matches your experience and expectations. For those interested in “roughing it” camping and off-trail hiking without as many restrictions, many options are available.  Other recreation opportunities include:

  • Developed campgrounds;
  • Dispersed campsites;
  • Semi-primitive non-motorized areas; and
  • Maintained hiking, snowmobile and ski trails.

More information about local opportunities may be obtained by calling the Hiawatha National Forest at 906-387-2512.

Recreation Areas