Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area

Recreational Area


Permits & Regulations

The Stanislaus National Forest is not issuing permits for the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area until further notice. People may still reserve in advance by faxing their request to the Bridgeport office (760)-932-5899 Attn: BWRA permit or Carson City office.

These were determined in Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area Management Plan in order to satisfy the requirements of the Act, Section 1806 (e) Enforcement and California State OHV Laws.

PERMIT IS REQUIRED OF ALL USERS entering the BWRA during the season of use (the first Saturday in December until the last Sunday of April) PROVIDED established snow depth requirements are met.

 (link to Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area permit)

ALL CALIFORNIA APPLICABLE OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE REGULATIONS ARE ENFORCED- California registration is required, helmets required, appropriate number of riders on machines.

OBEY BOUNDARIES- It is your responsibility to know riding area boundaries. Click here for Sonora Pass Riding Areas Map, topo map of the Pacific Crest Trail Crossing map, and click here for the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area Boundary Map.

PACK OUT TRASH & DO NOT APPROACH WILDLIFE- All visitors this is critical for preserving the natural landscape, wildlife habitat, and keeping wildlife wild!

SEASON OF USE: The first Saturday of December provided there is a minimum of 24” of snow at the Leavitt Lake Road/Hwy 108 junction until the last Sunday of April (April 24, 2011) or earlier when there is less than 12” of snow at the Leavitt Lake Road/Hwy 108 junction.

COMMERCIAL FILMING: Filming (still & motion) for commercial use on National Forest Service Lands requires a Special Use Permit. Please contact: Humboldt-Toiyabe NF Bridgeport Ranger Station 760-932-7070.