Yuki Wilderness

Wilderness Area


Permits & Regulations

1. Campfire permits are required in the Wilderness for both campfires and all types of stoves. Use of fires and stoves could be restricted during times of high fire danger. Never leave campfires unattended.

2. LEAVE NO TRACE... practice low impact camping techniques and leave no trace of your passing.

3. Bring all your unburnable debris out of the Wilderness and take it home for proper disposal.

4. "Solitude" is the strong attribute here, protect it and respect the rights of others to experience it.

5. Firearms are permitted in National Forest Wilderness. However, please keep the discharge of firearms to a minimum for the following reasons:

  • To preserve the sense of solitude for other visitors.
  • To reduce the disturbance to the movement and feeding habits of wildlife.
  • Bullet entry holes in trees give insects and disease a way to enter and kill the trees.

6. Your family pet is allowed on the trails within the National Forest Wilderness. However, it must be under that degree of control by you that will insure that it is not a threat to other visitors and to wildlife.

7. Access roads are often dusty and are of low standards. The trail heads where you park are usually unprotected, that is, not under surveillance by Forest Service or other responsible people. (While vandalism and theft has been rare, it does exist.) Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

8. Try to leave a firm trip agenda and your vehicle description and license with a relative or friend who will notify the Forest Service or the County Sheriff if you do not return in the planned time. Please sign in at the self-registration stations found at the trail heads.

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