Anan Wildlife Observatory Site

Status: Open

This area is Open

Safety Information

Bear Safety and Site Restrictions

Close encounters with bears using the Anan Trail are not infrequent from June 15 to September 15. Good trail behavior suggestions include:

  • Talk or make noise along the trail to alert bears of your presence.
  • Stay in tight groups.
  • Do NOT approach the bears.

Due to bear activity from June 15 to September 15 annually, the following restrictions apply:

  • Areas off the Anan Trail and beyond the immediate vicinity of the Anan Bay Cabin are closed to foot traffic.
  • No food, including beverages other than water, is allowed on the trail or at the Wildlife Observatory.
  • No dogs are allowed at Anan.
  • No camping outside the Anan Bay Cabin.
  • Fishing from the shore is allowed at the Anan trailhead only. All other off-trail areas accessing water are closed during this time.