Spring Cave #1834



Permits & Regulations

How does the cave registration system work?

Registration is required to access caves that are open. The registration system is designed to prevent authorizing access to caves that are closed based on the White-Nose Syndrome Environmental Analysis decisions or other considerations.


All known cave hibernacula are closed during the winter hibernation period. Some caves are closed seasonally on the Bighorn, Black Hills, Shoshone, and White River National Forests. The White River National Forest also has caves that are closed year-round to minimize disturbance to bats. 

Registration Process

The cave registration system involves submitting basic personal information (name, email address, zip code) and information about the cave trip (date, cave name, national forest, number of participants) online. Once the information is processed, an approved registration form will be provided to the person making the request (the “Trip Leader”). 

The Trip Leader is required to print copies of the registration form for each trip participant, and the trip leader and each participant are required to sign and date a copy of the approved registration form. Each authorized registration form will include an optional post-trip report that the Trip Leader may complete and submit back to the Forest Service.  This information will provide valuable data on cave resources and cave use patterns.

This interim registration system in place requires processing by Forest Service staff. Authorized registration forms are expected to be processed in 24-48 hours, depending upon the number of requests. The U.S. Forest Service is in the process of developing an automated registration system, in order to process requests more quickly.

Recreation Areas