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Chugach National Forest launches Agents of Discovery

Families can interact with each other as they work with MG to discover the natural world of the forest. Forest Service photo by Alicia King.

JUNEAU, Alaska – Visitors to the Chugach National Forest had a great reason to get outside and explore the forest on July 22, 2017. The award winning mobile gaming application Agents of Discovery® launched on the Chugach National Forest on the Williwaw Loop Trail in Portage Valley. Agents of Discovery®, Chugach National Forest – Portage Valley Mission is a free mobile game application that allows users to unlock hidden geo-challenges with their tablet or smartphone along the forest’s Williwaw Loop Trail.

The game is appropriate for ages from six to 12 and for families looking for fun activities they can do together. It is a great way to combine adventure in the outdoors and the technology kid’s love.

On launch day, more than a dozen families visited the Williwaw Loop Trail working in concert with Secret Agent MG (Mountain Goat) to uncover clues to collect stolen robotic USBees, who store knowledge of the natural world. Once all the geo-challenges were solved and the USBees collected, players claimed their reward. Channel 2 (KTUU) in Anchorage played the game with Emily Long.

The mobile game will continue to be available to visitors who download the Agents of Discovery® app and the Portage Valley Mission at home (or someplace with Wi-Fi) before heading to the Chugach National Forest. An internet connection is not needed to play the downloaded game once on forest.

Annette Heckart, Alaska Region ICE director helps a young visitor navigate through the Agents of Discovery app. Forest Service photo by Alicia King.

Players of the Agents of Discovery app discover the natural wonders of the forest through the questions asked as part of the mobile game. Forest Service photo by Alicia King.