Apply Knowledge Globally

Disadvantaged communities receive entrepreneurship, communication workshops

DOMINICAN REBUBLIC — Last week, with the help and support from the International Institute of Tropical Forestry, two training workshops were held in the small village of Sánchez in the Dominican Republic. Participants gained tools for small businesses in order to improve themselves and promote in a better way their products or services on social networks. 

Between both workshops, a total of 85 people attended, among which were traders, students, communicators, craftsmen, teachers, fishermen, farmers and crab meat pickers from the area. It is expected that they apply the learned skills in their daily lives for the welfare of their community and the natural resources of the area. 

Some of the topics covered were: opportunities provided by social media networks, tools of basic photography, and how to start a business from the idea to action. Most of the participants agreed that the workshops can be applied to their daily lives to help them build a better and sustainable economy in the community.

The workshops, led by a Nicaraguan journalist in collaboration with local organizations, was possible thanks to the Institute's technical assistance. The Institute provided contacts, funds and materials to conduct the workshops, with the objective of empowering local residents and promoting the protection of the area’s natural resources. 

These workshops are part of a series of forums to educate this community. They have been held every year since 2015 before the Marisco Ripiao Festival in the area. This festival aims to promote sustainable economic development that benefits the local residents of Sánchez.

Adelayde Rivas, a Nicaraguan journalist, discussing results with participants from the first workshop. Forest Service photo by Jerry Bauer.

Some participants from the second workshop along with IITF personnel after receiving their certificates. Forest Service photo by Jerry Bauer.