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i-Tree Econow available in Mexico

Pilot forest inventory using i-Tree Eco Mexico in Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City’s largest urban park. Photo courtesy of Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Agrícolas y Pecuarias, México.

MEXICO – The USDA. Forest Service International Programs and The Davey Tree Expert Company are proud to announce the release of a national version of i-Tree Eco for Mexico. i-Tree is a suite of tools designed by the Forest Service and their partners to quantify the environmental services and values trees provide. The core tool, i-Tree Eco, uses field data along with local air pollution and meteorological data to quantify forest structure, environmental effects and value to communities. Outputs include values for carbon sequestration, air pollution removal, avoided runoff, species composition and structure, among others. Site specific data allow for informed decision making and more compelling narratives for advocacy and community engagement. The development of the Mexico i-Tree Eco version was part of an initiative of the Urban Forest Programs Working Group, under the North American Forest Commission.

This new version of Eco can be used in all states in Mexico and joins the list of other countries that are able to readily use i-Tree Eco with site specific data: U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and the U.K. The version for Mexico includes a translation of the program interface and manuals into Spanish. U.S. Forest Service International Programs is also spearheading efforts to expand the tool in Colombia and certain cities in the Philippines.

To date, about 250,000 unique users have used i-Tree tools in over 130 countries, for everything from research to advocacy to improved urban planning. Overall, i-Tree Eco is an innovative planning and engagement tool that can provide robust information to better inform urban development and policy. More importantly, it can be used as an educational platform to engage the public and improve the lives of urban dwellers.

For more information and to download the tool, visit the i-Tree website.