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IITF helps support environmental communication project in Nicaragua

NICARAGUA — Through a partnership with the Centroamerican University of Nicaragua, SET NET Communications and Biosistemas, IITF was able to support the thesis project of two young leaders in conservation. The technical support given by IITF was crucial for them to complete a documentary film about the importance of cocoa as a strategy of productive diversification and protection of natural resources at the Macizo de Peñas Blancas natural reserve in Nicaragua.

The two young women, Mary Jean López and María Angélica Reyes, elaborated the audiovisual piece as part of their career in graphic design at UCA. They obtained the highest qualification at their campus for this project. With great ability, they were able to identify each one of the links in the production chain of the cocoa, while also presenting the dynamics of the human-environment role in its production.

Through the Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Program of Nicaragua, IITF provided the professional equipment these students needed in order to produce and complete the 15 minute film. They were able to use different audiovisual tools to promote and inform about the incorporation of agroforestry systems, such as animated infographics and photography. The team filmed for three consecutive days at the natural reserve.

One of the goals of the International Cooperation Office at IITF is to promote the development of skills and capabilities of individuals, and with the support they provided through their partnership, they helped these young women communicate effectively the importance of promoting a sustainable economy in productive territories of Nicaragua.

"I have to say that the argument, direction and production of this material is of very high quality, which motivates our press team and let us know that more young people are committed to environmental issues and the use of audiovisual techniques as a tool for awareness and dissemination”, said Adelayde Rivas Sotelo, director of SET NET Communications and mentor of the students.

“The most satisfying part of this experience and of its final product is knowing that there will be a tool that can be used as an educational medium for the conservation of the environment and the improvement of the quality of life of Nicaraguan families", explained María Angelica Reyes Salinas, one of the students.

After finalizing their project, the students satisfactorily obtained their degree in graphic design. Click on the link to watch a documentary on the process.

Mary Jean López and María Angélica Reyes in a meeting they held with SET NET Communications director, Adelayde Rivas Sotelo. Photo courtesy of Adelayde Rivas Sotelo, SET NET Communications director.

Mary Jean López and María Angélica Reyes along with the film crew of SET NET. Photo courtesy of Adelayde Rivas Sotelo, SET NET Communications director.