Apply Knowledge Globally

From Indonesia to Oregon—sharing knowledge across boundaries

OREGON—High-ranking government officials from Indonesia wanting to learn how the USDA Forest Service collaborates with different partners and scientists, so they visited the Pacific Northwest recently for a one-week, hands-on tour of various project sites across the region.

Group examines the end of cut timber.
With hydrologist Galen Anderson, the delegation visited an active timber sale. USDA Forest Service photo by Chiara Cipriano.

An active timber sale on the McKenzie River Ranger District, a river floodplain restoration project and a visit to the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest were all in good order for the group’s visit to the Willamette National Forest. The group also visited the Regional Office and the Pacific Northwest Research Station where they exchanged information and discussed how programs are structured and funded.

The governor from the Province of Aceh, Island of Sumatra; the Director of Human Resources for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry; a specialist from the U.S. Agency for International Development in Indonesia and specialists from various ministry and provincial forestry offices were all in attendance, as were representatives from the Eugene Water and Electric Board. The group spent time with our scientists, specialists and other Forest Service staff in learning how we all work together in managing the forests “for the greatest good.”

The delegation visited a river restoration project on the South Fork of the McKenzie that showcases the essential roles of science and collaboration. At the site, partners are helping to reopen and restore a historic floodplain. They visited an active timber sale and learned firsthand about skyline logging, implementation and monitoring, and at each step along the way they talked about the recreation benefits that good forest management can provide.  

With conversations about stakeholder and partner collaboration, watershed councils and the many challenges of managing a diverse workforce, there was plenty for people from both countries to talk about. By the end of the trip everyone was all smiles as they made their way back to the McKenzie River Ranger Station.

Looking over an active timber sale.
Tracy Beck talks forest management with a visitor from the Indonesian delegation. USDA Forest Service photo by Chiara Cipriano.