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IUFRO hosts 125th Anniversary Congress

WASHINGTON — Forest Service scientists and professionals exchanged knowledge at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations 125th Anniversary Congress in Freiburg, Germany, in late September. Andrew “Sandy” Liebhold (Northern Research Station) served as chair of the scientific committee and John Parrotta (WO R&D), IUFRO Vice President for Task Forces, served as a committee member. They helped craft a program rich in knowledge-sharing and learning.

The congress drew nearly 2,500 participants from more than 100 countries and centered around the theme “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People.” Forest Service participants from Research and Development, National Forest System, State and Private Forestry and International Programs delivered oral and poster presentations. The scientific program included technical presentations on the topics of forest operations, forest policy, social aspects of forestry and much more.

Global dialogue sessions about how forests and forest science relate to policy, business, stakeholders and other scientific disciplines were held and included speakers such as the Director of the United Nations Forum on Forests, the former Prime Minister of Sweden and the Operations Director for the International Council for Science. Keynote speakers talked about topics including the contribution of the forest sector to the Anthropocene era and what that may mean for the Earth’s forests, incentives for forest conservation, and forest sector contribution to biodiversity and forest dynamics.

Prior to the congress, Jennifer Hayes (RMRS), Cindy Miner (PNW), Yasmeen Sands (PNW), and John Stanturf (SRS) delivered pre-congress training workshops as part of the IUFRO Special Program for the Development of Capacities, which supports skill-building for scientists from developing economies.

Other Forest Service participants included Hans Anderson (PNW), Nate Anderson (RMRS), Barbara Bentz (RMRS), Brett Butler (NRS), James Chamberlain (SRS), Chris Fettig (PSW), Diane Haase (NFS-R6), , David Levinson (WO-NFS), Andrew Liebhold (NRS), Erik Lilleskov (NRS), Richard MacKenzie (PSW), Ron McRoberts (NRS), Carol Miller (RMRS), Bill Monahan (S&PF), John Parrotta ( WO-R&D), Kurt Riitters (SRS), Tom Spies (PNW), Matt Thompson (RMRS), Carl Trettin (SRS) and Dan Williams (RMRS).

IUFRO’s next world congress will be held in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2019.

Photo: woman stands behind podium on stage.
Diane Haase, western nursery specialist, delivers a presentation on the importance of developing and supporting quality nursery facilities and staff to address reforestation needs. Photo courtesy of Vladan Ivetic, University of Belgrade.
Photo: Group shot in front of building; group stand next to a banner for International Union of Forest Research Organizations.
Four Forest Service employees served as trainers at pre-congress skill-building workshops offered to forest scientists and professionals from developing economies. Jennifer Hayes (RMRS), Yasmeen Sands (PNW), and Cindy Miner (PNW) developed and delivered a workshop on communicating forest science. John Stanturf (SRS) delivered a training on the science-policy interface in conjunction with Promode Kant (Institute of Green Economy) and Michael Kleine (IUFRO). Photo courtesy of IUFRO.