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NSF visits Hubbard Brook

Photo: People stand in forest clearing and listen to employee speaking.
National Science Foundation employees visited Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Forest Service photo.

The Northern Research Station’s Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest hosted the annual National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research Program’s Science Council meeting May 16–18. Staff at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest welcomed 70 scientists from around the country, including two scientists for each of the 28 long-term ecological research sites, National Science Foundation program managers and others. The theme of the meeting was disturbance, with a focus on the use and value of long-term data.

Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest employees gave tours of several research projects focused on different forms of disturbance, including the ice storm experiment, drought research plots, warming research plots and forest harvest watersheds.

The Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest was established in 1955 as a major center for hydrologic research in New England. Located in the White Mountain National Forest in central New Hampshire, the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest is also the focus of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, which originated in 1960 to study element flux and cycling in a small watershed.