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Working with Bangladesh on their National Forest Inventory

BANGLADESH — Heather Hayden, forest inventory specialist from Region 6, delivered a one-week refresher training in early October on Quality Assurance/Quality Control for the Bangladesh Forest Department. The training was conducted in preparation for the upcoming field season of their national forest inventory. It was coordinated by the International Programs office in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, with funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development in Bangladesh.

This training aimed to review lessons from the previous field season and refresh skills before BFD embarks on a second field season. The overall objective was to improve the capacity of QA/QC teams and improve the robustness and quality of their inventory data. Fourteen participants from BFD participated in the event. Training included one classroom day to review lessons with QA/QC and inventory teams, followed by four days in the field with the QA/QC teams to perform cold checks and review the field data collection process. They discussed issues that field crews are having with the field manual and provided suggestions for improvements to make it more user friendly. The teams left with clarity in the field protocols and a list of improvements for the field manual and points to cover in an upcoming field crew refresher training.

The Forest Service is a technical partner to FAO and BFD in designing and implementing a national forest inventory in Bangladesh. Over the past few years FS has provided technical support in finalizing a field methodology, developing a field manual, and training field crews in data collection and quality control. In 2016 Bangladesh implemented the first field season of their national forest inventory.

Heath Hayden with Bangladesh Forest Department trainees in the field. Forest Service photo.