Deliver Benefits to the Public

AuTrain River Project looks at creating significant improvements

MICHIGANHiawatha National Forest is excited to announce that the AuTrain River Project decision has been signed, moving this important project toward implementation.

District Ranger Charlie Marsh signed the Decision Notice for the AuTrain River Project, which had been under analysis and public involvement over the past year. “I want to express my appreciation to the public and to our partners at the township and county, all of whom contributed to building an alternative that addresses as many concerns as possible,” said Ranger Marsh.

The result of extensive public involvement, the selected alternative addresses needs and opportunities identified by both the Forest Service and local community members. Efforts will tackle a range of concerns within the project area including: increasing public safety, enhancing recreation experience and improving river and forest health.

Actions to be implemented in the future (as funding becomes available) include: construct new roads and adequate parking areas which will provide safe river access, install site amenities such as picnic tables, grill, outhouses and latrines at multiple site along the river, install a kiosk with river maps and panels to educate the public on invasive species and management practices, install several rock veins or log jams upstream and downstream of heavily used sites to reduce natural stream flow impacts on those sites, vegetation management treatments will create a mosaic landscape dominated by large over-story trees with dispersed openings creating suitable conditions for species like blueberries, and prescribed fire treatments will occur on approximate 130 acres to help with red and white pine regeneration and to help reduce fuels

“We look forward to working with our partners to implement this project, assisting our community while also moving resource conditions the project area toward what was envisioned in the 2006 Hiawatha Forest Plan,” said Marsh.

This graphic summarizes key recreation elements of the AuTrain River Project. USDA Forest Service.