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Celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday with Agents of Discovery secret challenges

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There is a new, fun and innovative to share Smokey’s message with the public we serve: an exciting new app. Agents of Discovery Smokey Bear 75th Birthday Mission uses mobile technology to go on an augmented-reality “scavenger hunt” to discover Smokey’s history and his wildfire prevention message.
The USDA Forest Service, Edison International, the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, and Agents of Discovery have made this mission easy to implement, and free to all users. Agents of Discovery uses “triggers” (i.e., geo-tags, QR codes, or Image Recognition triggers) to open fun and educational challenges that bring places and messages to life. Today, the Forest Service has more than 80 mission sites across the agency.

For locations interested int making it possible for visitors to play the Smokey Bear Mission all they need to do is:

  1. Ensure their on-site staff is knowledgeable about the Smokey Bear 75th Birthday Mission and that they are, if necessary, able to assist visitors with downloading the Mission via iOS or Android.
  2. Print and post this promotional “how-to” poster in high-visibility areas.
  3. Print these 10 Smokey Bear images on the best color printer available (the image recognition function may stumble with faded, color-skewed images) and post them in interesting places around their site.
  4. Promote this limited-edition Mission on their social media accounts and website to help celebrate Smokey Bear's 75 years of service!

To play the Smokey Bear Mission, visitors scan the Smokey images with the Agents of Discovery App to unlock secret challenges.

We hope you have the opportunity to become an Agent of Discovery and build your own Smokey Bear 75th Birthday missionFor questions about this new tool, or to provide feedback, please contact Amtchat Edwards, the USDA Forest Service project lead, at

Smokey App how to poster