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EMC: Public engagement update

WASHINGTON, DC—Ecosystem Management Coordination's Public Engagement program is launching a regular informational series to bring you valuable updates in the world of public engagement inside and outside the Forest Service. Learn more, access previous issues, and join our Community of Practice on our Public Engagement SharePoint site (internal only).

Featured FAQ

What is the latest information and guidance on the Federal Advisory Committee Act?

We’ve been receiving a variety of questions about the Federal Advisory Committee Act, including how it applies to certain specific scenarios, needs associated with documentation in the age of social media and its application to collaborative groups.

The FACA easy button is a resource developed by the National Partnership Office. We are discussing creating additional materials that will help the planning and NEPA community understand the parameters of FACA as we work more collaboratively with external organizations. Meanwhile, we’d like to highlight other resources that might answer some of your questions. Check out: 

What questions do you have? Join the discussion on our CoP Discussion Board.

Tools and Resources

Check out the new Public Engagement Reference Guide. This guide is the product of a Senior Leader Program capstone project that the action learning team completed subsequent to finishing the program. The guide provides concise, clear descriptions of common public engagement terms, information about working with partners and approaches to best fit your needs and situation.

We also want to remind you that the Public Engagement Resource Catalog has links to helpful resources and valuable examples about public engagement. Explore and see how these resources might add value to your efforts.

From the Field

Salmon-Challis National Forest and the Intermountain Regional Office, in cooperation with Critigen, recently produced a story map to accompany the Salmon-Challis National Forest Assessment. This story map is designed to improve communication with the public by introducing individual chapters of the assessment and the geospatial data that will help develop the need for change to the existing Salmon-Challis National Forest Plan. For more information, contact: Joe Krueger.

Training Opportunities

Check out two upcoming training opportunities March 4‒8 in Arlington, Virginia:

  • Planning for Effective Public Participation
  • Techniques for Effective Public Participation—Learn more than 40 ways to engage the public in ways that are useful to them and you.

Learn more about training on the International Association for Public Participation website. In addition, the Udall Foundation’s U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution recently announced its open trainings for 2019!

Community of Practice News

The March Public Engagement Community of Practice call is Tuesday, March 19. The March call will focus on the Public Engagement Reference Guide, Maia Enzer at Ecosystem Management Coordination.

Visit our COP SharePoint site (internal) or contact Daniel Silvas to engage, learn and help us innovate.

News from Washington, D.C.

USDA Customer Experience Center of Excellence: The EMC Public Engagement program recently launched a project with the USDA Customer Experience Center of Excellence to analyze public engagement in the agency’s environmental analysis and decision-making processes. For more information, contact Brad Kinder

IAP2 Membership: The Forest Service is now a member of the USA affiliate of the International Association of Public Participation. You can take part in free, monthly learning webinars, receive the monthly newsletter, and access online resources such as archived webinars and the Journal of Public Deliberations. You’ll receive discounted registration to events like skill symposiums with topics such as how to evaluate public participation efforts, building public trust, and large scale engagement techniques. Check out IAP2 USA’s event calendar for details on future events. Everyone and anyone in the Forest Service may join. To register as a member and receive your individual login, please email and provide your basic contact information (name, email, address, department and title). For more information, contact Sharon Timko.

Citizen Science Competitive Funding Program: Applications are due Feb. 24 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

More Information + Contacts

For more information about EMC’s Public Engagement Program, visit our Public Engagement SharePoint site (internal) and connect with:

Public Engagement (Deb Beighley, Assistant Director)

Planning (Andrea Bedell-Loucks, Assistant Director)

Adaptive Management (Jamie Barbour, Assistant Director)