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Eyak Lake clean-up at Chugach NF

Last Saturday, the Cordova Ranger District and partner, Copper River Watershed Project, hosted an Eyak Lake clean-up project. Eyak Lake is a secondary source of drinking water for the City of Cordova, Alaska. It is referred to as “Million Dollar Lake” for its sockeye and coho salmon production which contributes to commercial fisheries and the overall health of the Eyak watershed. Copper River Watershed Project coordinated this community event, including advertising, managing the event day-of, providing lunch and t-shirts to volunteers as well as managing the contract for hauling the collected trash. Cordova Ranger District fisheries staff provided a boat and crew and two snorkelers for lake-access trash collection. The Student Conservation Association High School crew, working on the Chugach National Forest, assisted with the trash collection. In addition, many district staff volunteered their day. In total, there were over 20 community volunteers, and 36 district staff – including the SCA crew – collected between 30-40 cubic yards of trash.

Eyak lake cleanup volunteers removed a significant amount of trash from the lake. Forest Service photo.

Student Conservation Association High School crew working on the Chugach National Forest contributed to collecting trash. Forest Service photo.