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FS and FHWA sign Memorandum of Agreement on access to federal lands

WASHINGTON – The Forest Service and U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration signed a Memorandum of Understanding July 27 at the Yates Building in Washington, D.C. This MOU documents the processes and responsibilities of both parties in meeting the requirements of Title 23, 23 U.S.C., § 201 and § 203, which governs transportation access to and through federal lands. The Forest Service and FHWA have agreed to work collaboratively to improve transportation access to and through federal lands managed by the Forest Service eligible for the Federal Lands Transportation Program.

This MOU also includes situations where the Forest Service elects to leverage FHWA’s expertise, regardless of funding source. This MOU is not a funds obligation document.

Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell and Timothy Hess, associate administrator for Federal Lands, Federal Highway Administration, shake hands at the MOU signing. Forest Service photo by Dominic Cumberland.