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FS innitiates post-Harvey response

WASHINGTON — The Forest Service, like the rest of the federal government and American people, is doing everything it can to support people impacted by hurricane Harvey. Even as our personnel and financial resources are spread thin by wildfires, Forest Service employees are living their values by providing service. Below is a roll up of our efforts as of today.

Forest Service Support to Texas and Louisiana:

  • Currently 88 Forest Service personnel are assigned to the Hurricane Harvey response:
    • 41 on the Southern Area interagency Type 2 incident management team
    • 24 on Forest Service Job Corps camp crews
    • 5 as part of the Type 2 Initial Attack hand crews
    • 18 performing Emergency Support Function #4 functions
    • The Southern Region waived fees and made all campgrounds available for displaced individuals

More work will begin later as the waters recede.

The Department of Agriculture has compiled a list of Harvey resources if you would like more information.