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Law Enforcement and Investigations has a new look

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Recently, USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations updated their vehicle decals to allow marked patrol vehicles to be quickly and easily identified as law enforcement. These updates included adding the LEI badge to the doors and the rear of the vehicle, redesigning the green and gold striping, making the “LAW ENFORCEMENT” decals more prominent on the side and rear of the vehicle and adding the USDA logo and American flags.

Beginning in 2018, proposed decal changes were brought forward from the field to the Washington Office and LEI leadership supported the change and moved quickly with the redesign and implementation plan. Many variations were discussed over the last year and the final design incorporates new elements while also keeping some of the traditional Forest Service vehicle markings, such as the Forest Service shield and location of the striping. Newly acquired replacement LEI vehicles will be outfitted with the new decals and vehicles with two or more years remaining on the life-cycle will be retrofitted.

“LEI is confident this change will increase the safety of all Forest Service employees by differentiating our vehicles from other FS vehicles, such as fire, whose vehicle decals closely resemble LEI. Additionally, the public will be able to quickly recognize our vehicles as police vehicles. LEI has received many positive comments about the redesigned vehicles from LEI field staff, other Forest Service employees, cooperators, and the public,” stated Tracy Perry, Director, LEI.

Monique Duke, graphic artist in the Regional Office, Office of Communication and Engagement for the Southwestern Region received a national Law Enforcement and Investigations award for her outstanding work with the graphic design of decals for the national LEI fleet.

“This new design increases visible presence and will make a significant positive impact to visitor and employee safety and protection of natural resources,” said Tracy Perry.

Award presentation
Special Agent in Charge James Alford presents national Law Enforcement and Investigations award to Graphic Artist Monique Duke for her outstanding work in creating the national LEI fleet decals. USDA Forest Service photo.
LEI new vehicle stickers
LEI is excited to introduce this change, which debuted in the Southwestern Region, Cibola National Forest, Tijeras Ranger District, in April 2019, driven by Law Enforcement Officer Orlando Valles. USDA Forest Service photo.