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Message from leadership – Acting State & Private Forestry Deputy Chief Patti Hirami

Portrait photo of Patti Hirami. US Flag and USDA Forest Service falg in the background
Acting State & Private Forestry Deputy Chief Patti Hirami, USDA Forest Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – We want to be good land stewards and as such, sustainability is inherent to our USDA Forest Service mission. We are also required to divert 55% of our non-hazardous waste from landfills (USDA Environmental Department Reg. 5600-05).


USDA Forest Service fire operations require large quantities of supplies. Packaging, paper, food waste, plus damaged, destroyed, or worn-out equipment and materials all contribute to the waste stream. Much of this waste can be recycled, repurposed, or recovered, thus preventing it from reaching landfills.


Our wildfire response efforts present opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to conservation through efficient federal operations. 


Earlier this month, I issued a letter, together with Acting National Forest Systems Deputy Chief Christopher French, asking to identify opportunities to apply sustainable business practices and to leverage the Greening Fire Team’s tools and resources. As you prepare for the upcoming fire season, please apply the information in this letter and other resources to reduce consumption of financial and natural resources at incidents. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to our mission.

For more information on our greening initiatives as they relate to our fire operations, click on the link ahead and check out the National Greening Fire Team Spring 2019 Bulletin.