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Take a Walk in the Woods

Panoramic view of the mountains from the Forest Service Southern Research Station
Forest Service Southern Research Station. Forest Service photo.

Last week, North American Forest Partnership launched a new platform — a Walk in the Woods – for sharing the benefits of responsible stewardship of North America’s forests. The website features videos, articles and links to information about the benefits forests provide and the ways people are managing them for the future.

The initiative hopes to demonstrate the passion people feel for forests, and how forests make our lives better. A Walk in the Woods is a way to build a broader understanding of the roles of forests in everyday lives.

Research found differences in the ways members of the public and forest sector understand topics such as forest management and sustainability. The site intends to engage people in the conversation about forest management and provide answers to questions about what forest managers do and why they do it. You can share your stories, passion for forests and questions with Walk in the Woods on Facebook and Twitter.

North American Forest Partnership consists of agencies, nonprofit organizations, individuals, companies and researchers with a shared ethic of forest stewardship and a commitment to the management of sustainable, healthy forests.