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Ability at Work – Closing the month

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Jerry McGaughran, National Disability Employment and Special Emphasis Program Manager, USDA Forest Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With October now behind us, National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2019 has come to an end. However, our agency’s FY 2020 “Ability at Work” campaign in support of NDEAM continues. We want to especially thank Leslie Weldon, Senior Executive for Work Environment and Performance, for her introductory video which kicked off our campaign this year. We also want to thank our colleagues Erika Luna, Oriana Saiz, Antonio Garcia and Jeffrey Gaede for sharing their stories throughout this month-long event. In closing this year’s campaign, we want to share with you Jaime Zolman’s story.  

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Jaime Zolman shares her perspective on engaging with colleagues in other ways over FY 2020, in ways that may inspire a more collective “Count Me In!” attitude about “disAbility” Awareness, including becoming more comfortable acknowledging how common/normal it is to experience physical, mental or psychological injury or illness.


There is no shame, no weakness in inquiring about or making use of reasonable accommodations that could enable you your colleagues to more safely, effectively and/or efficiently work and communicate as a team.  

Throughout this month, we have witness some of our colleagues as they encourage us all to join together towards growing our agency culture into one that further demonstrates Who We Are includes seeing beyond the labels in recognizing the Ability to Work of job prospects with disAbilities- welcoming and valuing their diversity of talent and perspective; and embracing provision of reasonable accommodation and/or personal assistant services, when needed, as tools for further supporting and ensuring our employees’ employment access and performance, safety and wellness.

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