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Ability at Work - November is National Veterans and Military Families Month

Graphic: A tree with a trunk made out of a hand, leaves made out of multicolor hands

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As we participate in Veteran’s Day commemorative activities, let us also remember that November is Military Family Appreciation Month. Click ahead for some timely suggestions on How to Celebrate Military Family Appreciation Month, including:

  • Make a Card. It’s such a simple gesture, yet your words may be just the thanks, encouragement
  • Buy Tickets to Local Attractions, Museums, and Sporting Events that Support the Military
  • Send a Care Package. Deployed troops must go without many things we take for granted each

How we can be more family to our disabled veteran colleagues
Over FY 2020, and in support of our “Ability at Work- Count Me In!” Campaign, we also can become more “family” with our disabled veterans and other colleagues daily contributing their abilities and talents, yet also dealing with recovery from physical and/or mental and psychological injury or illness.  Here are a few ways we can say “Count Me In!”:

  • Count Me In” statistically!: Look for avenues by which we can more candidly provide our “disability”, including disabled veterans’ data, if not on record, at least anonymously, so we all can further statistically “see”:
    • How many hundreds, if not thousands more, among us than we report on record- including likely hundreds more “disabled veterans”, that are valued employees daily contributing our talents, yet coping with and/or recovering from physical and/or mental injury or illness
    • The more we statistically see how much “we share” rather than “they have” disability experiences, the less we will stigmatize/ stereotype disabled veterans and other colleagues with “disAbilities”
  • “Count Me In” to more proactively engage with colleagues: Through telling our stories, sharing our experiences, sharing our tips…we can better personalize what it’s like coping with and/or recovering from physical and/or mental injury or illness and support each other, as “family”,  in our efforts to, not only, become more productive work teams, but communicate that “Who We Are” includes safe work environments embracing each other’s wellness
  • “Count Me In” to accommodating!: Be among the employees looking out for each other, as family - committed to valuing each other’s talents and overcoming disability-related challenges to their workplace access and/or performance, including through reasonable accommodation and, in some cases addition of personal assistant services, when needed.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, enjoy these ASL-interpreted Patriotic Songs:

Star Spangled Banner

sung by Aretha Franklin ASL by Rosa Lee

America the Beautiful & God Bless America

ASL by Susan Lathom

Star Spangled Banner


God Bless the USA

Alexander Hamilton

ASL by Sarah Tubert