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Ability at Work – Raising awareness

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two colleagues say “Count Me In!” to further raising awareness through their personal stories.

In previous articles we shared two of our four new Awareness videos featuring fellow colleagues, Erika and Oriana, telling their stories about the talents they are contributing to our workforce. Their stories highlighted how, when needed, the agency and colleagues have accommodated them to work around barriers they have experienced in the workplace, due to “disabilities.” 

Please enjoy the stories and perspectives of two more colleagues telling their stories through this article.

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Antonio Garcia, volunteer coordinator & VIS program manager for Cibola National Forest, talks about his work, career aspirations and how accommodation has helped him with his Forest Service career.






Photo of man in a motorized wheelchair, with his service dog, sitting by a water fountain




Grants Management Specialist, Jeffrey Gaede, provides us insight as to how the combination of Forest Service-provided reasonable accommodation and personal assistant services has helped him progress, over his 10 year FS career, from a GS-05 student trainee recruit in Business Contracting with Lincoln National Forest, to a GS-11 Grants Management Specialist, now working virtually out of Portland, Oregon, for Region 9.





We hope seeing and reading these stories will inspire other colleagues among us to also say “Count Me In!” by sharing their stories and adding their perspectives to our “Ability at Work” awareness campaign.