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Anti-Harassment Intranet page is now available

WASHINGTON — As the Forest Service continues its efforts to promote a safe and harassment-free workplace, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Anti-Harassment Intranet Page. The Anti-Harassment Intranet Page was created to provide a single dedicated resource for all employees to receive current and accurate information regarding the Anti-Harassment Policy and Program.    

We encourage you to visit the Anti-Harassment Intranet Page at your earliest convenience to learn more about the program. This website features the following:

  • Latest News & Hot Topics;
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs);
  • Official Correspondence, Forms, and Other Resources;
  • Contact Information; and,
  • Harassment Reporting Center.

Our new webpage will help increase awareness of the Anti-Harassment Program and Policy. Reporting any incident of harassment that you experienced, observed or are aware of as soon as possible to the Harassment Reporting Center (or to a management official) is critical. By “Standing Together Against Harassment,” we can all make a difference and promote a safe, healthy and harassment-free workplace.